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Sample Collection

Reliable sample collection tools and devices

Unique and high quality solution for sample storage

We offer a leading combination of products for the collection of samples in IVD tubes. You can place your samples in the Novitain 50-well rack, seal it off with the Novitain Capcluster-50 TPE Push Caps by making use of the Manual Capper MC2. This approach enables researchers to process 50 tubes with for example blood all at once.

The lightweight Novitain Rack features an open design, for equal temperature among the samples, and is compatible with automated pre-analytical systems. Of course the racks and caps are clean room class-7 certified, and DNase, RNase and pyrogen free.

The Novitain caps are easily applicable, and made out of medically approved material (USP Class VI certificate). Furthermore, they can be pierced multiple times without losing seal integrity. Just like the racks, the caps are suitable for temperatures between -20°C and +100°C .

Speed up your workflow with a manual capper

Enhance your laboratory workflow today, and reduce the burden on your hands by choosing the Novitain Manual Capper MC2. Minimum force is required to use the device, and user safety is ensured. Laboratory throughput can be drastically increased with this leading trio of sample collection products.

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