Meet NBS Scientific at SLAS Europe 2024!

NBS Scientific is proud to be present at the European version of the SLAS trade show: SLAS Europe 2024!

For the fifth time, Europe’s leading life-science and biotechnology companies come together for an impressive gathering of the latest advancements in the field. Come discover revolutionary lab automation and biotech innovations, alongside cutting edge sample labware. The program includes scientific sessions, keynote presentations, discussion groups, new product demonstrations and of course many companies exhibiting their products. Come visit Europe’s leading life-science trade show on 27-29 May at Barcelona International Convention Centre!

NBS Scientific will be present at stand 420, where our Technical Sales Specialists will demonstrate our most innovative and high quality products. We are proud to display two cutting edge liquid handling machines from innovator Dispendix, revolutionizers in the liquid handling domain. Next to that we will of course show our signature Micronic labware, alongside high throughput Scinomix labeling systems.

What are the Dispendix I.DOT and L.DROP?

Dispendix is a company that aims to revolutionize liquid handling by making it suitable for the 21st century. Ultra precise, nanoliter performance coupled with intuitive hardware and software that is designed according to the latest state-of-the-art: Dispendix lets researchers get more work done in a much shorter timeframe.

I.DOT is a liquid handler aimed at automating plate filling processes, in different quantities and ratios, and with varying volumes. On the non-contact device, operators can set everything up on the large screen, and let I.DOT perform the whole job in minutes. The ultra small volume capabilities make the I.DOT suitable for genomic sequencing and other micro-fluidics operations. Due to the use of target and source plates, the need for countless pipette tips is eliminated, which saves a lot of plastic.

L.DROP is the world’s first cloud-based liquid handler, that boasts a lot of the same features the I.DOT has but in a larger form factor. Additionally, it is suitable to perform general liquid handling, the protocols of which can easily be shared with other researchers.

New product introduction: EFC Racks by Micronic

Additionally, we are happy to show you Micronic’s latest innovation: EFC (Eco-Friendly Choice) racks, that are for 99% made out of recyclable materials. NBS Scientific has always upheld a strong commitment towards sustainable practices, and we are very happy to contribute to the environment with this great innovation by Micronic.

So come meet NBS Scientific at Barcelona International Convention Centre on 27-29 May at stand 420!